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However, it was late that I became increasingly convinced that the 'real' biggest problem of radioactive isotope dating is fallible paradigm is the radiation-heat problem.

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So yes, Catholics can believe in a scientific, biological evolution.

This does not contradict the teachings of the Church.

The Genesis window for the great upheaval of land is simply Day 3 and no more. Friday, February 5, ICR: Radioactive Isotope Dating Is Fallible.

That is why I still believe that by the end of creation Day 1, the planet contains great intrinsic age, is thoroughly cooled, and is peacefully rotation on its axis. Their claims about the unreliability of radiometric dating, and the reality of accelerated nuclear online dating sevilla that compressed millions of years of apparent radiometric history into less than a year, were vindicated.

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And when one views the Bible in its proper context and uses it as the Church has set forth from the beginning, then there is no problem reconciling such scriptural texts with the scientific advances that support a theory of evolution.

The Bible was not created as historic narrative or as a science report.

I will also use this blog to comment on work in progress for the main site, news events, and other pseudoscience-related issues.

Well, I am YEC, and I must admit this is certainly embarrassing.

And we must interpret it in light of Apostolic Tradition, it’s context, and in communion with the Magisterium of the Church.


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