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And also, one of the songs on the album was inspired by him.

He definitely had a say — well, not a say, but an influence.

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You don’t hear her trash-talking her, you don’t hear her cutting her down — you hear her saying, “To be honest, I know you can take him, and please don’t.

You will find plenty of men, and this is the one for me,” instead of just getting angry. And you deserve to have an apology and not in a malicious, ‘I want you to suffer’ kind of way — but everyone deserves the truth.'” And women need to step up and do that for one another when they’re in that situation. So it makes me nervous because I hope someone who’s as talented as she is, and has the integrity she does, can appreciate that. And the fact that she writes her songs and takes her songwriting seriously and the business side of it — what she’s done and how she valued herself and her songs and knew what she deserved financially for the work she was putting in. The truth is, there are so many people that have gone through this that I know.

Oh yeah, some of them take out their tits, just’in case you’ve never seen a chick’s ‘balloons’ next to actual, authentic balloons.

With the unfortunate lack of anyone skilled in the making of dirty balloon sculptures, or the ability to’inflate balloons with their boxes, there isn’t much further’entertainment value to be found here unless you have a sincerely hardcore girls-fucking-around-with-balloons fetish.

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