Cognitive behavioural therapy dating

CBT sessions generally begin with a short conversation with your therapist.

Developing a strategy for your future life is one of the long-term goals of CBT.

Before attending CBT, it is vital that you find the right therapist.

Much of CBT’s success is thanks to its practical and “hands-on” approach to treating trichotillomania.

The therapy focuses on changing the attitudes and behaviors of the people with compulsive hair pulling disorder.

Most people need between three and six months to complete the initial stage of the treatment.

After this, many people have the tools that they need to cope with trichotillomania on their own.

An example of one of these false thoughts is “the only way I can get this feeling to go away is by pulling.” With CBT, this thought can be changed to “accepting the itchy feeling and letting it be will allow it to decrease in intensity.

Pulling will only make the feeling worse.”CBT also helps you address the emotional side of hair pulling.

One of the most popular CBT techniques is Habit-Reversal Therapy (HRT).


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