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A chain of events properly placed can lead to impossible things coming to reality. But as I reread it and recollect it I feel amazed and extremely shocked and pained because it was not the right thing to have happened. Yes this story is not normal just the title should give the indication that it is not normal.

This story friends is a romantic affair of my mom with an absolute stranger and I was the camera and mic, my eyes and my ears the witness.

That she required fresh air and attention and love. Typical maharastrian beauty fair beautiful silky hair slightly colored died with maroon tinge. Nice built and figure of a typical 40’s not plump not thin a healthy build. She used to wear only saris and her upper back and lower back were visible and trust me most beautiful fair and soft clean skin.

So we had booked our train tickets to Bangalore for me and mom Let me describe you about is a well educated graduate. She did not wear any makeup at all and she dint require had a very beautiful face men used to turn their heads to have a second glimpse of hers. She had those simple sober looks yet if anyone would watch the curvature of her face and especially her thin beautiful lips. She had a nice straight not too long and not to short nose which in combination with her lips were absolutely sexy.

He was carrying a bit of luggage and seemed probably he was up to catch some long distance train just like us.

He was looking at mom and mom was looking at him both looked compatible, some people match they both did ,both good looking , there was some attraction I could feel.

Nearing her menopause I was 19 yrs studying in 3rd yr engineering.

It was month of Nov and we were going to our native place Bangalore-me and Mom.

The story I’m going to narrate is real; at the time when it occurred it was not at all shocking.

Because the chain of events that unfolded then were so coincidental.

next station the crowd increased and a man was eagerly coming to sit next to her , he was dirty and ugly looking, mom held the sit dint move not allowing him to sit, seeing this the stranger asked the ugly man to sit on his place and stood , he was standing there for awhile and in between gazing at her place.

Mom finally asked him to sit next to her as at next station crowed builded.

a man sitting opposite us was continuously ogling at her dint seem to notice and I ignored the whole thing it was usual thing for me and I had prepared for worse than this travelling in middle class.i was thinking why blame him , even I do the same thing when I am alone and some beautiful woman is sitting in front of me. we were to travel to dadar to catch our Bangalore train it was a 30 minutes journey, at the next station crowd increased, a man about 45 years old entered our compartment and sat in from of the empty space across us , he was a good looking matured man with what seemed a disciplined life style he must have lived from his face. He was gasping must have caught the train after a lot of running, he settled and after looking around fixed his gaze on mom .


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