Updating existing records in a dataset

The only thing that is worth to mention is that the system does not check consistency between the issue and receipt dates.

The blood supply network under investigation is comprised of blood donors, mobile blood facilities, local and regional blood centers and demand points.

A hybrid solution approach, combining the -constraint and Lagrangian relaxation methods, is developed to solve the proposed model.

For FIFO and LIFO principles this approach looks quite natural.

Say, We purchased 2 pieces for 10EUR apiece, then 3 pieces for 14EUR a piece.

Peoples tends to treat an inventory closing as a kind of black box, which, depending from phase of the moon, can produces different result and or require different time to run for a same dataset.

To my opinion, it is caused by costing information being scattered across various parts of the documentation.

Of course – the result is rounded according to rounding rules from the currency table.

I will not describe in details the mechanics of the FIFO model’s settlement, for it is a straightforward process.

Instead of this, system uses some estimated value for the issue cost price, which looks like a good approximation for the actual cost price.

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