Bind9 slave not updating

BIND's ; reverse map for $ORIGIN 5.168.192. Localhost is used by many applications as shorthand when referring to the local PC, and is always mapped to the loopback address (or ::1 for Ipv6).

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Private IP addresses are any in the ranges,, and

While ISPs are delegated the task of reverse-mapping public IPs, they have no such responsibility for private IP addresses. 14 IN PTR joe., which was probably not the intended result.

If BIND is your master, you could use BIND’s statistics server and, as Tony points out in the comments below, Paul Vixie’s metazones solve the “transport” of a zone list as well.

Other typical ways include writing a small program to slurp through the provisioning system, dump a list of zones, etc.

There are some obvious problems with this: A unique feature of Power DNS is that you can configure it to accept notifications from specified “trustworthy” master servers for which it does not yet carry slave zones, and have it create the slave zone(s), and provision them from the master via incoming zone transfers, all automatically. (By contrast, a normal slave will accept/action NOTIFYs only if you have manually pre-configured it as a slave for the zone.

You have to create a zone on the slave, giving it the name of the zone, and create an NS record in the zone pointing to this slave itself.) This effectively allows Power DNS to provision its slave servers automatically.

The question is: can we do that for, say, BIND and NSD as well? I’m currently working with a customer who has a large amount of zones which are pretty volatile (i.e. They have a hidden master server (Power DNS, but it could easily have been of a different brand) and BIND slave servers (to be augmented by a couple of NSD slave servers shortly).

The issues we’re seeing here (irrespective of the brand of the hidden master server) are: I’ve given this some thought, particularly in view of the fact that BIND has addzone and NSD4 also has support for addzone, allowing both brands of servers to configure new zones on-the-fly.

by Ron Aitchison 04/26/2007 Here are five things you can do to make sure your DNS is in good shape and not causing problems for the rest of the Internet, which, by the way, also includes you.


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