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Go to the computer in the room and insert the floppy disk. Click the folder named, ‘Combination_Number’ Click on it and write or remember the code.

(REMEMBER, THE CODE IS DIFFERENT EVERY TIME YOU LOG ON! G will show you some footage of the coins rising in the vault, he tells you to check out the roofs, and opens a drawer and gives you a choice of keys for the roof door. Now, with your first penguin still holding on, collect the second nearest penguin!

Now connect the rope, an ‘O’ berry and the ski together and make a Fishing Rod.5. Click the homemade rod to the river, and you will catch a fish, then using the pot, collect water, then head back to the cave. Put the wood in the center, and click the Survival Guide to the log. Next, give the puffle a Berry, and he will set alight.

Go to the right, and go to the stump, Go right again at the stump, and you are at the cave. Then put the fish, and jug of water on the fire, and you fall asleep.7.

Now the three penguins will push the rock downwards. The fur will Analyze the fur, and says it belongs to a pink puffle, now click back and Gary will congratulate you, now analyze the white fur, which he will give you, by clicking it to the suitcase.11.

Collect all three penguins on the preserver and drop them down to collect the fourth.4. Go to the Plaza, the to the Pizza Parlor, ask the penguin tidying up the mess, and ask for the Hot Sauce, and Chocolate Sauce, and also pick up the pizza on the desk to deliver to Penguin fishing outside the lodge.12. Turn left to the long log and you will see a big pack of Puffle ‘O’s’ on a rope.

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Go forward to the tree stump, and scare the other puffles away, except the black one, give him an ‘O’ Berry, and he will follow you around, now go to the left, and you will find a bush with a ski in it, pick it up.

His doctors were able to confirm right away that his tumor wasn’t cancerous (which is all kinds of YES), but in the last few months, it started growing at a rather unpleasant rate, so they elected to pull that sucker out. maybe some other fool with a hole in their head can benefit from my “wisdom.” (Oh, and if you want to read all about my brain surgery, the posts are here! (Do you see how I am being affectionately mean to you? That alone is a pretty huge step; it took me nearly a week before I could find my computer, and then another week before I could actually write something coherent (if you can call what I write coherent, that is). I found that there wasn’t a lot of information out there, so I don’t really know.

I meant to write this post a while ago for him, about what he could expect after his surgery. That’s just my way of letting you know that everything will be okay. I’d start composing an email or a post, and then forget was I was talking about after half a sentence.

Pick the golden key up, which says in code, “Roof Top”15. Drop the bottom penguin on the middle branch and drop the second past that branch to collect the third.

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