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In other Harper family news, Evelyn brings a Hollywood producer to the Christmas Eve dinner. Pepper, played by the ridiculously funny Carl Reiner, is a wheelchair-bound spitfire whom Evelyn just couldn’t bear to see spending the evening alone in his million estate—and with the million she could make off of selling his house when he buys the farm, who could blame her? I am going.”Walden wakes up on Christmas and gives Zoey a key to his house.

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Also, Jake gets into the egg nog, unaware that the egg nog’s filled with burbon and becomes inebriated, starting with his dancing and muttering around the house and ending with his narrating “T’was the night before christmas” and throwing up all over the back of Herb and Judith’s car on the way home.

It’s holiday time at the Harper house and it has everything you’d expect—booze, singing, womanizing, and an old man soiling himself.

The real story of the evening, though, involves Charlie giving Jake some much unneeded advice about how to cheat.

Charlie notices Jake scamming on some girl down at the beach and gives him a hard time for not going down to meet them.

Charlie Sheen (Anger Management) Jon Cryer (Superman 4) Angus T.

Jones (Bringing Down The House) Conchata Ferrell (Mr.

and destroying Earth in the process., he pretends to be a young man named Eric in order to keep Kim busy while Drakken completes his plan. A mysterious figure with a lot of money, no one in the public really knows what he does.

He then lured her into a trap which revealed his true allegiance and sent Kim into a Heroic B. In truth, he's the CEO of Hench Co Industries, which supplies villains who can afford his prices with weapons, tools, and henchmen.

He’s willing to share with them how he knows but warns them, “It’s dirty.” and complains that he’s sitting so close to the fire his chestnuts are roasting. He asks if he can meet her parents (who are flying in), but she tells him that next year might be a good time as they are still learning about each other, However, Walden counters by telling Zoey her eye color, pants size and that she runs the faucet to cover her peeing. Alan tries to get Evelyn to come over seeing as though this is the family’s first Christmas without Charlie.

She declines as she is having a “two man sandwich”, which Alan learns over the phone in disgust.

After much prodding, Jake finally agrees to go talk to the girl.


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