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However, hiz technology, henchmen and intelligence are generally better zan zat of Dr. Drakken's) so ze audience never sees hiz TRUE POTENTIAL!

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This leads her to trying to make her own chimeric creations in real life... A low-budget supervillain-wannabe employed at Smart-Mart. Ironically, Lucre is driven nuts when Motor Ed replaces Drakken in his cell.

An heiress who's very well known around the celebrity circuit.

Walden then wonders where Lyndsey is, but Alan tells him that she has a new boyfriend now, leaving him single and lonely again.

Jake calls and tells Alan that he is with Judith, Herb and his sister, actually not being there and is instead smoking pot with Eldridge somewhere else.

Also, Jake gets into the egg nog, unaware that the egg nog’s filled with burbon and becomes inebriated, starting with his dancing and muttering around the house and ending with his narrating “T’was the night before christmas” and throwing up all over the back of Herb and Judith’s car on the way home.

It’s holiday time at the Harper house and it has everything you’d expect—booze, singing, womanizing, and an old man soiling himself.

In other Harper family news, Evelyn brings a Hollywood producer to the Christmas Eve dinner. Pepper, played by the ridiculously funny Carl Reiner, is a wheelchair-bound spitfire whom Evelyn just couldn’t bear to see spending the evening alone in his million estate—and with the million she could make off of selling his house when he buys the farm, who could blame her? I am going.”Walden wakes up on Christmas and gives Zoey a key to his house.

It turns out that he knows Lucille Ball wasn’t a true redhead. Zoey says that giving her a key to his house is premature.

This year, Alan has written the Harper Christmas newsletter to send out.


  1. Of course, she deserved to be punished and Rick chose himself as a weapon of revenge. Riley opened the door and was immediately dragged to the kitchen, bent down onto the table and stuffed with two stiff cocks.

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