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(.99/month, .99/full year: i OS / Android) In this day and age, we can't deny that we look to social media and our favorite celebrity trainers for fitness inspiration and workout tips.

Playbook, formerly Fitner, takes that concept and personalizes it, "pairing you" with a trainer, social media influencer, or athlete of your choosing.

Starting a new fitness routine or diet program can be tough, but it's an endeavor that comes along with a healthy dose of hope and motivation.

The app's audio-driven instructions make it easy to follow along.

Whether your style is running, lifting, cycling, or race training, Aaptiv’s got classes to help you work toward your goals.

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Photographs by @Alexi Lubomirski Styling by @Joanna Hillman A photo posted by Harper's BAZAAR (@harpersbazaarus) on Paltrow's killer bod would ignite envy in most twenty-somethings, which makes it hard to believe the mom of two turned 44 last month. So even though we're not always on board with Paltrow's health advice (vagina steaming, anyone? Luckily, 's contributing fitness editor, Tracy Anderson, also happens to be Paltrow's trainer, and in the video below, she demonstrates five of her go-to ab-chiseling moves.

You decide how much time you'd like to dedicate to it, and the app tailors the plan to your schedule.

Once you've got the hang of it, you can also create your own workouts featuring your favorite moves.

Once you choose a partner, you'll get daily updates on your trainer's workout routines and wellness advice, including their 10 most recent workouts.

You'll be able to communicate directly with your trainer of choice and others in their training community, and you can switch trainers as many times as you'd like.

But by weeks two, three, and four, the excuses start piling up.

We get it: The gym's suddenly too crowded, you're too tired to meal-prep, and maybe your biceps are sore after all those curls.

You record your reps and weights—and with more than 1,300 exercises in the app's database, you're sure to find what you're looking for.


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