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An online Telegraph poll has found 89 per cent of 4,416 voters think the women should not face charges “for ripping off terrorists.” Only 11 per cent think that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” On Twitter, the general sentiment in favour of the girls’ catfishing is even stronger.

People are loving that ‘Isis got served’ and suggesting they deserve medals rather than criminal sanctions.

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A photographer Diana Markosyan working in a Moscow agency in 2010 asked to be sent to Chechnya.

Diana grew in Russia but studied in the USA, in 2010 she was only 20 years old but she was interested in the notorious region.

But rebel groups - including other Islamic militant factions - turned against it, alienated by its brutal methods and kidnappings and killings of rivals, and accusing it of trying to take over the opposition movement for its own ambitions of creating a transnational Islamic enclave.

For the past two months, al-Shishani has led an offensive in Syria's eastern Deir el-Zour province against rival rebels, seeking to solidify his hold on a stretch of territory connected to neighboring Iraq.

As well as the Middle East, North Africa and large areas of Asia, it also reveals Isis' ambition to extend into Europe.

Spain, which was Muslim-ruled until the late 15th Century, would form part of the caliphate, as would the Balkan states and eastern Europe, up to and including Austria In a recent photograph, the young, round-faced al-Shishani, wearing a black cap and beige gown, is seen with a big smile as he examines a Humvee said to have been captured in Iraq and brought into Syria.“Coming here for a week is pretty much different from staying here forever”. After the USSR collapse Chechnya went through Islamization processes.Locals had to wear the clothes corresponding the religious canons, early age and polygamic marriages became more frequent, men started to treat women in a more conservative way.In a video released by the group over the weekend, al-Shishani is shown standing next to the group's spokesman among a group of fighters as they declare the elimination of the border between Iraq and Syria Charles Lister, visiting fellow with the Brookings Doha Centre, told Associated Press that as the militant group's operations in Iraq and Syria grow 'more and more inter-dependent by the day, it is more than possible that someone like (al-Shishani) could assume overall military leadership.'Two days after the group unilaterally declared the establishment of a caliphate, the group's leader, al-Baghdadi, appeared on a 19-minute audiotape calling on Muslims to come to the territory his group has seized to help build an Islamic state.In the audio, posted yesterday on militant websites which have been used by the group before, the leader makes a special call to those with practical skills - such as scholars, judges, doctors, engineers and people with military and administrative expertise - to come 'answer the dire need of the Muslims for them'.The wedding took place at the exclusive Le Louis XV restaurant in Monte Carlo.

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