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The production team relayed: "After Park Yoochun's sexual assault controversy in June, the production company and NEW had many discussions about the release date.

We were preparing for a fall release, but we were thrown off track by the scandal."The movie was reportedly shot in April, and has been in pre-production phase from last couple of months.

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The actor was accused of sexual assault by five women but the first complainant dropped the case.

All of them claimed they were assaulted in the bathrooms of the establishments of their employers.

Dispatch also revealed that when Park Yoochun was in controversy, it was Ms. Because the news was reported prior to any specific plans for their marriage, we want to be careful about revealing anything else.

Also, owing to the fact that Park Yoochun is currently serving as a public service officer and the bride-to-be is a non-celebrity, we ask for your understanding. Park Yoochun will diligently serve in the military until late-August.”Initial reports stated that Park Yoochun will be tying the knot with Hwang Ha Na, granddaughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products (a large Korean conglomerate). However, Hwang Ha Na was a fan of his and Park Yoochun is head over heels for her.” But the woman herself debunked the issue. I haven’t dated somebody for a year, and I’m just amazed that false rumors like this can be made into news articles.

He has achieved what is referred to as a ‘South Korean Grand Slam’, which is winning an award on the three major television channels, SBS, MBC and KBS in the same year.

In the pictures below, you can see the actor and a short-haired woman which they named, Ms. On May 11 in a restaurant in Gangnam, the two were spotted together, with hugs and sweet moments. It was reported that it was a dinner date.“Park Yoochun will be tying the knot with a non-celebrity this fall.

Park Yoochun's upcoming movie Lucid Dream has been pushed back to a later date.

The fantasy thriller film is reportedly being delayed after the singer's sexual assault scandal hit the K-pop industry in June.

Mostly because fans may withdraw their support and may affect the entire show.

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