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if you promise the parents that you’ll be home at 10 o’clock, it’s important to get there maybe even would be a really good start. of course, what’s most important is that it’s a safe adventure. As soon as I saw you, I knew that an adventure was going to happen. and if you can’t be for whatever reason—hopefully it’s a good reason—then just make sure you let the person know.

That’s why pornography—and all the immorality it portrays—is so destructive to relationships. Be very careful with the media you let into your home.” With all those messages, parents have to remind their children that prophetic counsel hasn’t changed.

“The prophets and seers have been telling us this for years,” says Sister Dalton, “and we have the words of current prophets, seers, and revelators as well.

when you’re driving, you have a responsibility to follow the rules. A great example is if you own a car, it’s your responsibility to keep track of that car and make sure the maintenance is done and make sure it’s clean.

In dating, you want to make sure that you’re brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, simple things like that.

Make sure they understand that we must be pure in heart to have the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

That means we need to live so that we are worthy to enter the temple—now!To help youth interact properly and successfully, “the Church sponsors group activities.We hold mutual and combined activities for youth beginning at age 12.But when you step over the line into immorality, you’re compromising the agency of another person.You’re actually tampering with a power that God has entrusted us with to create other lives.Today’s subject is “responsible dating.” and we welcome back Lisa Jander…The Teen Dating Mechanic What do you mean by teens being responsible daters? if you’re driving to pick somebody up and you say you’re gonna be on time at 7 o’clock and you’re not quite there yet, it’s your responsibility to call them and let them know you’re going to be late. but I guess people expect for me not to be late, don’t they?


  1. To become more attractive within, take pride in your appearance, and focus on pursuing your passions.

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