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One last thought flitted across Calleigh's mind as this man tortured her senses and stole her heart: men like Eric Delko definitely did Natalia noticed the case file Calleigh had left on the table in DNA.

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Exactly how many men have professed their undying love for you? She still didn't know, but she knew it was something she should have done all along. Eric's face appeared, and Calleigh's stomach dropped at the passive expression she found there. ""I don't think that's a good idea, Calleigh," Eric said, his stony face still betraying nothing. She felt its salty trail run down her cheek, and she squeezed her eyes shut against the tears that wished to follow. " he asked, his voice low and gravelly with emotion.'Calleigh, I love you.' Her eyes grew wide as saucers. And I can't just sit by and do nothing while you run into the arms of another man.

In less than fifteen minutes, she pulled up in front of Eric's condominium. The whole way over, Calleigh wondered what in the world she was doing. Finally, slowly, she heard the click of the lock, and watched as the door swung open, inch by nerve-wracking inch. The thought of the consequences if she forced another tear to escape her eyelids.

Calleigh and Natalia stared at their friend in shock. " Natalia asked."Yeah.""And how many men have you said it said it? She threw her locker open, grabbed her purse, and hurtled out of the room toward her car in the parking lot. "I have something to say to you, and I want to do it face to face."Calleigh waited for what seemed like an eternity.

"Calleigh," she said carefully, taking in the expression on her friend's face. "I have no clue."Calleigh was already at the elevators, waiting impatiently for the car to arrive. Finally, the elevator came and she boarded impatiently, eventually making her way downstairs to the locker room. She tried in vain to get to Eric, to be as close as possible through this door."Eric, I'm sorry," she whispered, her face millimeters from paint and wood. It wouldn't, she realized with a deep sigh."Eric, please open the door," she begged.

""Yep."Valera wasn't satisfied, so she turned to Calleigh. Nat saw it in Eric's eyes every time he looked at Calleigh. ""It means—" Natalia sighed in frustration, and her words spilled out in a rush, with the small hope that Maxine would finally understand and drop this. For the rest of his life." She was seething."Whoa, Nat," her friend backtracked. You know, if I didn't know any better…" She gave Natalia an appraising look."If you're suggesting I still have feelings for Delko, you're way off the mark," Natalia stated, brooking no arguments."Why so defensive, then? "Men like Eric Delko don't just come along every day." Simple as that, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. About this time, Natalia finally noticed how quiet Calleigh had been. She settled for a shake of her head a little white lie. A small voice just on the other side of the door startled her. " Eric asked in quiet defeat."Because I want to talk to you," Calleigh said softly, all the fight gone out of her."So talk."Calleigh dropped her bag to the ground and placed both her hands on the doorframe, forehead resting against the door. Calleigh sniffled and gently beat her forehead against the door, willing for the pain to go away.

Natalia and Calleigh remained silent, because both of them knew that Eric Delko , in fact, have any woman he wanted. "Max," she said quietly but firmly, "Don't jump to conclusions when you don't have all the information.""What exactly is that supposed to mean? She and Natalia were so caught up in their own moment that neither one of them noticed that Calleigh had stopped breathing. "You just proved my point, Nat."Natalia wanted to scream. " she asked, exasperated with the woman sitting across from her."He's with…how many women? You obviously can't understand how someone could possibly want to say 'I love you' to only one woman. The blonde woman's head snapped up to meet her friend's, urgency swiftly becoming the dominant emotion on her face."Natalia, Eric told you that? Without meeting the eyes of her companions, Calleigh gasped, "I—I need to go." And with that she launched herself off the stool and out of the lab, leaving Natalia and Maxine behind her, frozen in astonishment."What the hell was that all about? Natalia had a damn good idea, but she wasn't about to say anything. "You didn't do anything."A sob hitched in Calleigh's chest. She battled the lump in her throat, barely managing a strained whisper. ""Yesterday—" another tear rolled down her cheek as she fought through the thickness in her voice.

Tango," Valera said with a shit-eating grin plastered to her face. The fact that she was willing to drop everything like this shocked her. She flipped open her phone and dialed as she drove, hoping against hope that someone answered. Calleigh froze when she heard him on the other side of the door. Eric ignored the lump in his own throat, and he watched as a second tear fell from Calleigh's lashes. She pursed her lips, shook her head, but to no avail. Tears streamed down her porcelain face, now, and Calleigh brought her hands from the wooden frame to wipe them away. She desperately searched his chocolate eyes, begging him to understand. Eric was gone, and Calleigh's heart had gone with him. She was standing in Eric's doorway, now, close enough to reach out and wrap her arms around his body. Eric tensed immediately, but Calleigh held on to him.

He probably thinks you're madly in love with him now! Wouldn't be the first time," she said dismissively, tossing her 'fan' back to the lab table. At some point during her short drive, Calleigh realized what just happened: she deserted her work station and left an ongoing case with no one to investigate it. "If she kept this up, one of his neighbors was bound to call the cops. "Go away, Calleigh," Eric called, not bothering to keep the emotion out of his voice. Calleigh's entire body hummed with the effort of conquering her emotions. I just couldn't see that you were waiting for me."Eric bit his lip, closing his eyes against the onslaught of Calleigh's, remembering how she had looked at him yesterday as she walked away with another man. Wait,' he said as Calleigh tried to interrupt angrily. But at least have all the facts…'I'm sorry, Eric,' Calleigh whispered without looking at him. After a long moment, she felt him move past her; she heard the door shut.

But I sure thought so at the time," she said with a little waggle of her eyebrows.


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