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Summary There isn't much to say about Hola VPN except that there is a lot of controversy related to their practice of turning their client's connections into exit nodes and facilitating the use of botnets.There are a lot of shady aspects to this service, so we recommend caution depending on the intended usage.

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After selecting the location, the web page is refreshed automatically to by-pass the geo-location blocking.

A history of recently accessed websites or streamed videos will be recorded into your account on their website. Privacy-aware users would definitely hate this feature.

The problem is that if you are a peer, you may get into trouble if other users tunneling the connection through your PC are into illegal activities like hacking or accessing illegal web content.

The browser extension automatically detects when you try to access public streaming sites (Hulu, Netflix etc.) or websites that are popular with other Hola users in your country, and will pop-out suggesting a location to connect to, such as USA.

Complete installation guides and troubleshooting issues are to be found in the FAQ section of their website, yet the installation process is so simple that we’d be surprised if someone would actually require to go through any tutorial.

To put it simple and plain, it just works out of the box.

Unfortunately, for some reason it didn’t work at all in our testing and it was using the ISP connection.

Though the service was working fine with the Android Chrome and Firefox when we launched them from the Hola app.

Review Update June 14, 2015: We recommend not to use Hola and suggest two other Hola Alternatives that are much better.

Hola Networks Ltd., an Israel-based company, launched their network in late 2012, and it started to grow constantly in January 2013 by offering a free product.

According to Hola Network Privacy Policy, they collect anonymous information (hardware specifications, browser type etc.) to improve their service.


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