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I’ve got an amazing job I love and now super supportive family and friends. I’m not much of a computer guy so I was wondering where I should be going for this type of chatting.Of course this world is all new to me and I would love to discuss this way of life with other guys who have chosen the same lifestyle I have.So as usual, today I was doing some research into the different contraceptives available and came across this article.

WHERE TO GO FOR GAY CHATTING Here’s the situation I’ve recently just came out of the closet.

I announced to my family and friends that I was making a change in my life and was finally accepting myself as I truly was; a full on gay man.

No gay bars, gay clubs, gay socialites or anything to do with gay interests, just plain old boring people with normal lives living in a normal quiet town. I’ve been single for a while now and now that I’ve assumed my way of life, I’m in desperate need of human contact.

Of course I’ve contemplated leaving for another city but I love my life here. A friend of mine suggested I check out websites who specialize in gay chatting.

FIRST EXPERIENCE I started by getting a webcam, a good one with HD video. I scoured the internet looking for the perfect place to chat.

I went to Omegle where I was told was loaded with people. There were 17 158 strangers online and when I entered that my interests were gay chatting this is what was written: “Omegle couldn’t find anyone who shares interests with you so this stranger is completely random.

I’ve seen guys online do this kind of thing and they really seem to enjoy it.

I’ve been to a few gay sex chat sites and still have not summed up the courage to turn on my webcam.

They have a much more comfortable feel that I appreciate.

I’ve definitely been converted into a skins-type, but I’ll go for the old latex condoms if ever I’m in a bind.

Funny enough, against all my fears they were all so very supportive.

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