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The only semblance of trouble were reporters and photographers gathered across from the raised ranch-style home at 93 Columbus Ave., where a murder had taken place.

“When I heard it was a homicide, I was just shocked,” Lori O’Neill, who walks her dogs through the neighborhood every morning, told The Enterprise. People stop their cars, they get out, they help.” Fernandes, found dead inside the home, was one of those neighbors, they said.

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“I can’t even fathom the thought of never talking to this kid again.

​Eintracht Frankfurt hat einen guten Saisonstart hingelegt - Nach zehn Spieltagen haben die Hessen bereits 15 Zähler auf ihrem Konto und mit nur zehn Gegentreffern zudem eine der stabilsten Defensivreihen der Liga.

Im vergangenen Transferfenster kam der Außenverteidiger für 500.000 Euro von Ligakonkurrent Bayer Leverkusen.

Der 24-Jährige kam als potenzieller Stammspieler zur Frankfurter Eintracht, verletzte sich jedoch um den dritten Bundesligaspieltag, als er sich eine Sehnenanriss zuzog.

A 34-year-old man was arrested in North Providence on Monday morning.

He is charged with murdering a 72-year-old woman, whom investigators described as his late father's longtime girlfriend, inside the home they shared at 93 Columbus Ave. WEST BRIDGEWATER – Residents walked their dogs, teenagers strolled down the road and neighbors left for work – it was like any other Monday morning in this quiet residential neighborhood of West Bridgewater.

“I am so confused by this whole thing,” Shari Loring, a former girlfriend of Lopes, told The Enterprise. When I saw the house on the news earlier, I thought something happened to him. “He didn’t have the money to get medicine so I dumped my account (to help him).” At that time, Loring’s daughter was dating Lopes, so he moved in with them for a year. He was close with his father, who died a few years ago.

He is a great person, and I would never expect this. They lived with Fernandes in the home on Columbus Avenue.

About 9 a.m., The Enterprise first learned that Lopes was in custody in Rhode Island.


  1. Anna Marjavi, program manager with Futures Without Violence, a national nonprofit aimed at advocacy to end violence against women, says that parents should start having conversations with their teens as early as middle school about what healthy relationships look like. There may be classroom curriculum about it [dating violence], but it’s great when parents can start the conversation.” Marjavi says, if parents spot their teen experiencing what they think could be an unhealthy or even abusive relationship, they need to talk to the teen immediately and express “concern and unwavering love.

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  3. I had no idea how to make something like that happen again.

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