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”¦ More Mets news: Catcher Anthony Recker was wearing orange nail polish last night (from Nick La Rosa).

”¦ Check this out: The Red Sox have mowed their outfield grass in a Northwestern-striped pattern. ”¦ Looks like Melky Cabrera blued out the Franklin logo on his batting gloves last night (from Gabe Ortiz). Louis Ambush logo has been updated for a new team (from Jonathan Karberg).

”¦ New currency signature for Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

”¦ There’s a controversy brewing in Virginia over a proposed new logo for Prince William County (from David Cline).

”¦ I have to go see my Mom again today, so I’ll be off the grid.

Their nickname and the red and gold color scheme were a reference to the burning of Atlanta after its capture by General William Tecumseh Sherman.

The franchise kept its name after it moved to Calgary, so the team’s name refers to event that took place thousands of miles away from where it now plays (and ten years before the city of Calgary was even incorporated).

In Missouri, one local home guard, formed to defend citizens from partisans of both flags, was called the Tigers.

The association goes so deep that the annual game between the two football teams is called the “Border War.” A stir was caused several years ago when KU wore red socks for the Border War game. Because Union partisans were also called “Redlegs.” And there’s more: When the NHL looked to expand into Ohio, the league’s new Columbus franchise chose the name “Blue Jackets,” which symbolized the numerous regiments sent by Ohio to fight for the Union.

We also see the Civil War’s impact in team nicknames.


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