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It gives you the same formula, An in depth food chart with all your protein, carb, and fat needs.


Do you want to gain mass and get as big as a house? The key to getting big and strong is protein, and lots of it. And always take a good Multivitamin with your breakfast in the morning, this is very important.

If you want to go for the gold then you have to commit to everything and go for it. Second meal is a Met-Rx 32gram protein plus bar or MHP Power packed pudding with 30 grams of protein 190 calories, sugar free, lactose free and low carbs.

It has helped me to build a lot of muscle, and it has helped me to really get the good taste and the good price that I’ve been looking for.

It has helped me to lose fat, but I’ve gained weight because I’ve been able to build more muscle.

Then I work out from 1 1/2 to 2 hours which I include at least 45 minutes of cardio. These two exercises are so Vidal in that they build awesome overall strength and boost your metabolism through the roof.

My post workout meal is a 44 to 50 gram protein shake. When doing these 2 great exercises you are using both your upper and lower body at the same time. Guys, Fats are not your enemy, Carbs are not your enemy.

At this point in time I would have to say that there are way to many products out there that can confuse way to many people with there fancy words and advertising tools.

A product can make a claim all it wants but without the right combination of ingredients and effective gains for which you are looking for then this product just falls short and flat on its face.

I was ecstatic 3 months ago to know I was able to get up and get back in the gym and start lifting weights again and make some new goals and gains as fast as I could.

There is one formula that I have always lived by when it comes to lifting and gaining muscle and that is having the right diet, supplements, and workout routine.

If your a beginner at this then do this simple equation. Now a more well rounded weight lifter or body builder would use this formula. 1 gram of carbs per body weight and .20 grams of fat times body weight.


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