Credit score dating

"Banks determine if they will have a relationship with you in, many cases, 90 seconds.I'm not saying that for a perfect relationship you have to have perfect credit, but I've learned that there are certain patterns that indicate if you're trustworthy." According to Diana Nichols, a credit management expert and president of Gold Key Consulting in Fairfield, Connecticut, "there's definitely certain personality traits that I see when it comes to scores.

Going further, one financial advisor suggested that for many daters, the credit score issue falls into the same category as a test for sexually transmitted diseases.

That's a question that could certainly qualify as a mood-killer. According to articles in major national publications, the single adult population in the U. has started to embrace the credit score as a necessary topic in any dating discussion.

Related: Why Money Arguments Are a Red Flag for Couples Sussman said most people want to be with a partner who's responsible.

"When someone's responsible financially, that really says a lot about them," she said.

Take Martina Paillant, a Brooklyn resident who refuses to date anyone with a credit score under 700.

“I have no student loans and I can already take care of myself financially,” the graduate student said.

"And being financially irresponsible says a lot about them, too." Love in the Time of Terrible Credit Green admits that there are those who have been cynical in the past about his idea of using creditworthiness to find an ideal match.

"My naysayers are people who don't understand credit or the importance of it," Green said.

" According to a recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Citigroup, Green was on to something about the importance of financial savvy to a relationship.


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