Dating site for single moms

If you are in this unfortunate situation, you are certainly not alone — there are many other women who have been placed in this very same situation.

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Financial Planner: You may not think it necessary to hire a Financial planner as a widow, but in fact, the Financial Planner is just as important as the other two.

A a window, you’ll want to use a Financial Planner to calculate exactly how your current and future financial will be impacted.

Life becomes a fog that you have to muddle your way through because you have people depending on you – your children!

There are important decisions that have to be made when you lose a spouse.

Now, this might not be something you want to consider at first, but it’s certainly a pressing issue.

There are three professions that you can look at to provide some solid advice on how to handle your finances: the attorney, the certified public accountant, and the financial planner.

Don’t try to deal with the estate and all legal matters on your own!

Certified Public Accountant: Taxes are another issue that will need to be handed as a widow.

If your husband had a health insurance plan covered by his work, some of those benefits do extend down to you for a several years (COBRA program).


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