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On December 18, a woman was found lying dead atop a plastic sheet in Annandale, Virginia at the Pleasant Valley Memorial Park cemetery. prefer no autopsy.” It was signed “Jane Doe.” Jane Doe also requested to be cremated and left behind two bills to cover the expense.

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When Larson woke up on Christmas morning, traces of soot were on his pillow.

Larson went downstairs and was shocked to find Patrick dead in his bedroom. Later that day, Larson wandered into the kitchen and found a large blackened hole in the floor. It seemed that Matilda was the victim of spontaneous human combustion, which caused her entire body to catch fire and burn to ashes.

The case remained cold until 2005 when Hansen committed suicide.

He left behind a note once again claiming responsibility for Kevin’s death.

By that point, the statute of limitations had expired, so no charges could be filed against Hansen.

Another grand jury was convened, but they determined that there was no evidence to support Hansen’s claim, so the inquiry was closed.

Her subsequent investigation would uncover allegations of shoddy police work and a potential cover-up.

Harvey Mallove, a former mayor of New London, was considered a potential suspect because he had driven through the area at the time of Kevin’s death, but provided testimony which contradicted eyewitness accounts of the accident.

It rested alongside what appeared to be the charred remains of a human foot. The estimated temperature of the fire that consumed her was 1,400 degrees Celsius (2,500 °F), but there were no other signs of fire damage other than that spot.

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