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You can see her when the lights from the light posts are on.

The new dorms the upstairs girls side one night I heard someone running down the hall, my roommate and I looked out to see who it was there was no one there some of the girls said that they did not hear anything.

You can see a lantern swinging as if someone is walking down the trail and you can see an apparition of an old man coming after you.

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A witness saw her in the IT room at the opposite end of the building.

She simply walked through the closed door and stood and stared at them.

Albuquerque – Haunted Hill – Located at the end of Menaul in the foothills.

You can hear screaming, footsteps and bodies being drug.

First off its called The Arroyo and the woman’s name is “La Llorona.” its an old legend told to children by their parents. Albuquerque – Carrie Tingly children’s hospital-1113 university blvd.

– There is said to be glowing rooms in unused portions of the hospital.The top is in perfect condition but the rest of it is completely destroyed.In the corner of the bar is what appears to be newly broken glass.they don’t mind releasing their Rottweiler on anyone who enters their property.Albuquerque – Kimo Theater, Central Ave., NW – A young boy was killed backstage when a hot water pipe burst from the theater’s boiler.Albuquerque – Albuquerque Press Club – the ghost of “Mrs. Albuquerque – The Aroyro – “Albuquerque – The Aroyro – “el Yorone” the crier is the ghost of a mother whose child was drowned in the drainage ditch.

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