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Video streams will play in the default web browser on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer, as well as any i Phone and i Pad. A free version of Broad Cam is available for non-commercial use only.

The free version does not expire and includes most features.

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This is trickier, though, and involves the use of coded scripts, making it less user-friendly.

For this article we will focus on doing it with the Wirecast, v Mix and Vidblaster encoders.

In those instances, Wirecast, v Mix, Vidblaster, XSplit and Discover Video Multimedia Encoder are most effective.

It should be noted that this can also be done using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Sometimes, though, things get a bit more complicated.

Sometimes you want to make use of prerecorded content as part of your “live” video.If you are a Mac user, unfortunately only Wirecast is compatible of those three.Wirecast and Wirecast Pro can handle simultaneous input from several video and audio sources.If you are doing a more complex broadcast, a more sophisticated encoder would be a better choice.Complex broadcasts include those that plan to incorporate recorded material.It then lets Skype access the video stream without conflict.


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