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It then lets Skype access the video stream without conflict.

Note: Before performing these steps make sure that a frame grabber is connected both to video source and to PC and is powered on.

It has powerful tools for changing the look and sound of your material.

If you will be using Broad Cam at home you can download the free version here Broad Cam is ideal for companies who broadcast video announcements.

Lecturers and teachers can also easily set up video broadcasts of video content or classes on their class webpage, or email invitations for students to watch streamed video content.

Wirecast uses the concept of layers in video as well.

Recorded material can constitute one layer on top of the main or anchor layer.

Use the Epiphan capture tool to confirm that the video cables are connected properly and that video is being captured.

Broad Cam handles everything including the stream compression, format and serving over the Internet.

For example, including a voice-over or framing as you are broadcasting content live.

Regardless of the reason, let’s detail how to broadcast live using prerecorded video.

If you are a Mac user, unfortunately only Wirecast is compatible of those three.

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