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The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!

This is the true story of my first time with another man.

I wasn’t the hottest guy around but at five foot ten inches tall, green eyes, short brown hair and one hundred ninety five pounds with a decent six pack I...

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For the hundredth time I ask myself if can I go through with it.

With a surge of determination, I drag myself out of my car and walk the couple of hundred yards to the address I've been given. Shaking almost uncontrollably, I walk to the front door and ring the bell. Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 4.71 | Words: 1,966 | Tags: first time gay cocksucking | 22 Comments When Nathan Kent met his new college roommate, Aaron Campbell, he knew he was in trouble. Black Chapter One Nathan Kent wasn't thrilled with the idea of completing his final year of college at a completely different institution from where he'd started, but the opportunity to join one of the top varsity football teams had been too much of a temptation to pass up.

This is the true story of my first time with another man. He told me that he was looking for a young man to suck his cock.

I'm medium height, thin, blue eyes and light brown hair. Having been curious about other guys I thought that I'd like to try that so I offered him my services. Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 4.82 | Words: 1,430 | Tags: first time gay male man cock anal | 43 Comments This is a true story of my first time with another guy This story happened in the summer of 2011. He was twenty-three at the time, slim with light brown hair.

As for me, I am 5 foot 11 about 230 pounds, a lot more muscular than he is, with brown hair.

We are both 39, almost ready to hit 40, or as I call it the new age of discovery....

I would occasionally hang out at a buddy and coworker's house, playing pool and watching movies. Up to that point I had considered myself straight and had always dated girls, but I had found myself looking at...

Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 4.78 | Words: 1,611 | Tags: first time gay | 21 Comments Enjoying the wonders of male to male sex We’d all been drinking quite heavily all evening and were all somewhat more than a bit merry as I sat next to Tom on the couch whilst Joe slipped a DVD in the player and sat in the armchair with his legs splayed out.

Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 4.86 | Words: 4,930 | Tags: bisexual gay anal first time camping | 35 Comments A first time gay sex with a very hot boy. Before I was the age I am currently, I was completely straight.


  1. See also Genre Savvy (which doesn't involve the Fourth Wall) and No Fourth Wall.

  2. The first time, I brought my harp, bench and music stand to the studio and taught a private lesson to one harp student from Mc Gill University in Montreal.

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