Starbucks policy on dating coworkers

Advice to Management Focus more on advancement, giving partners opportunities for growth.Also focus more on the Starbucks culture and experience again.They came out with ridiculous drinks (ie unicorn frappucinos, etc) , all at a great overpriced rate.

Hours are super inconsistent, one week 32 hours, another one 16 hours.

It feels like they want to cut hours just enough so nobody can have insurance, i'm one of the lucky one in my store that has it, some people are full open availability and barely get 15 hours a week, it's unacceptable!

While starting wages are higher than some other jobs in the retail/food service industry, they are still not high enough to make a living.

They used to promote people from within and are now more frequently taking in outside hires for upper level management positions that could have otherwise been fulfilled by people within the company.

I'd much rather frequent the corner cafe now, and work for them as well. Pros Great for meeting a lot of different people and making friends, and a great job for any coffee or tea enthusiast.

Starbucks provides a lot of benefits for part time workers that most companies do not, such as health insurance plans, 401K, etc.Management needs to have a better understanding of how stores realistically operate instead of making up performance standards based on the numbers they want to see.Cons Depending on how your manager is with schedules makes the schedule either a pro or con.Depending on the store manager, hours can be rather flexible and can be good for college students to work around their class schedules.Cons I was with the company for 3 years, and at the time of my departure, I felt that Starbucks was losing touch with its core mission that I was introduced to when I first started.Starbucks promotes the promise of growth and the ability to be a potential career path for people, but that vision is slowly fading away, and many people that once dreamed of pursuing a future at Starbucks are now realizing this and giving up on that prospect.

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