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“His pimpish, bizarre behavior sent red flags and chills down Sidra’s spine so she would question him and his rampages would carry on excessively like he was possessed. He would rant and rave and stomp and intimidate her so it was like some kind of Gestapo type interrogation technique.” The back and forth would take its toll on her workload, the source said.

She played the role of Angela Williams in the Why Did I Get Married? Smith co-starred opposite Ice Cube and Keke Palmer in the family comedy-drama film, The Longshots (2008).

She had supporting role in the romantic comedy film Couples Retreat (2009), and co-starred alongside Salli Richardson in Pastor Brown (2010).

However, Smith contested the divorce by alleging that Douglas concealed information from her that she should have known before the marriage.

Smith alleged that Douglas was not "man of the cloth" that he presented himself to be during their courtship.

(Smith is besties with Tisha Campbell Martin, who battled lesbian rumors throughout her unsteady acting career.) In retaliation, Douglas filed a restraining order against Smith, requiring her to stay at least two yards away from her while they shared the same residence.

The estranged coupled duked it out in court last week with Smith ending up on the losing end.

In 2015, she began a recurring role as Carol Holloway on the Fox musical drama series Empire. In the 2000s, Smith had guest starring roles on The Parkers, Without a Trace, Nip/Tuck and Girlfriends.

She has made number of supporting performances in films such as Playas Ball (2003), The Whole Ten Yards (2004) and ATL (2006).

In 2011, she appeared in the comedy-drama film Jumping the Broom, and in 2014 played psychotherapist in the erotic thriller, Addicted.

In an interview with EURweb.com, Smith discussed her conversion from atheism to Christianity: "When I was 25 I had an encounter with God because my father had gotten sick.

Smith has played roles in multiple Tyler Perry projects.

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