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Keep in mind that we only publish complaints that stick to the facts and do not attack.

You can file a complaint by visiting our Write a Review page and following the on-page instructions.

Despite the common belief that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a government agency (or non-profit), it is actually a privately held C-corporation.

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How you file your report and what you say in it will greatly affect the outcome of your complaint.

Follow the tips below to give yours an effective punch.

If you can show that your other processing and monthly fees have generated substantial revenue for the provider, you may be able to persuade a manager of the company to waive or refund the disputed fees.

Lastly, if you can prove that something unlawful is taking place and that there are numerous similar complaints filed against the provider, be sure to report it to the agencies listed below.

This is especially true when filing official complaints.

As mentioned earlier, these options should only be utilized if you have exhausted your attempts with the actual provider or can prove unethical, unlawful, or misleading business practices.

Before you jump straight to reporting a merchant account provider, be sure you have exhausted all of your options with the company itself.

Take notes and record the names of people with whom you spoke, their titles and what they told you.

The faintest ink is stronger than the loudest voice in a court of law, so legal action will likely be a waste of your time if you choose to pursue it under those circumstances.


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