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For example, when implementing a REST service, we would define a type, thus we will always write converting between business logic types and these request/response types.Also, if our response/request type only slightly differs between end points, we need to introduce a new type again (and implement serialization/parsing again).When mapping your fields, make sure you’re setting the look-up on your update entity to use that unique field on the record you’re updating.

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For example: record and read/write fields as needed when converting to/from business logic types, while automatically having the JSON parsing/serialization taken care of.

There’s even an interesting library in the works by Denis Redozubov that could one day provide automatic migrations on top of that.

Some of these problems can partially be resolved similar to the type classes and implement instances for our request/response types, but it does not solve the problem of defining many types and writing many similar JSON parsers/serializers and comes with the drawbacks mentioned above.

One way to solve these problems can be via anonymous records. An anonymous record is similar to a The big advantage here is that we do not need to introduce any new data types or type classes, we can simply write down what dependencies or functions actually have, and then after combining them or when testing them providing just what they need.

We will look into solutions, but let’s introduce the other problem before hand.

Whether talking to a REST API or writing a REST service, one always needs to specify the structure of the data that is being accepted or sent.Expanding your solution Once you have built your basic solution, you can include more complex logic depending on your specific challenges.Many mainstream Haskell programs that reach a certain size need to solve at least two core problems.Before looking at how This is basically a heterogeneous linked list that allows tracking its contents at the type level.It’s very general, using the first type parameter you can control the structure of individual values.In this case, the data will move from Account Update to Account.


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