Adult real chatbot

Let’s explore how else a chatbot could support corporate learning.

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While that is a fun story, I don’t feel Jill is a good example of the chatbots we want for corporate learning. In the corporate learning world, we call this professional support.

For example, if you don’t know the company policy on refunds, ask the chatbot and get a quick answer.

Employees have given up on the learning platforms they have to use.

They don't see any value in going to a system that makes it hard to find good content. Corporate learning departments need something that will go out to employees.

It’s important not to confuse what a chatbot is with technology it’s often found with.

A chatbot doesn't understand written or spoken language.The students didn’t know Jill was a chatbot and none of the students suspected a thing.Jill was so successful, she got put forward for a teaching assistant award.You use it to find out where people's skills currently are and where they should be.Organisations are liable if they have employees that don't have the skills to do their job.After a few repetitions, the employee will have it memorised.

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