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Tamil cuisine is informed by varied vegetarian and non vegetarian items usually spiced with locally available spices.The music, the temple architecture and the stylized sculptures favored by the Tamil people as in their ancient nation are still being learnt and practiced.The college is far from my village, so I had to get a place in a ladies hostel.

I washed my face and started changing into a nightie.

I felt that the senior girl Sharmila was looking very curiously at me, and smiling.

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Out of the two girls one girl is new like me and the other is a senior.

I was very tired with the journey, and felt very uncomfortable as it was a new place.

Music too is divided into classical Carnatic form and many popular genres.

Although most Tamils are Hindus, most practice what is considered to be folk Hinduism, venerating a plethora of village deities. A small Jain community survives from the classical period as well.

Thus, Tamils have been referred to as the last surviving classical civilisation on Earth.

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