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Tom Carney, cocky Northern boy made good has just hit the big time with a job in London on the biggest red top in the country, only for a front page headline to blow up in his face and leave him suspended and taking the rap.

Helen Norton replaced Carney in his role as crime correspondent on the Durham Messenger, a regional newspaper with a reputation for solid and unspectacular journalism.

The hunt for a serial killer unearths an unsolved cold case from over sixty years ago.

Unable to sit around he soon hears of the missing girls that are vanishing in the village and after a rocky start he convinces Helen Norton, who took his job to work together with him to dig around and see what they can uncover. I loved the chapters where we got into the head of the person taking the girls. Then a skeleton is discovered during an excavation, it's a very old skeleton, years and years old, the problem is, in this close knit town, nobody remembers anyone local going missing, so who is the body in the soil? I found the police bumbled around the skeleton case, there was no modern policing, no forensic reporting, in fact our two Journalists find out more from door knocking than the police.

I was shouting out "dental forensics" but no copper was listening to me.

Out of favour Detective Constable Ian Bradshaw struggles to find any leads - and fears that the only thing this investigation will unravel is himself.

Journalist Tom Carney is suspended by his London tabloid and returns to hi The hunt for a serial killer unearths an unsolved cold case from over sixty years ago.

To follow me on Twitter: https:// No Name Lane apparently marks a distinct change in style for Howard Linskey from his earlier material featuring a Newcastle gangland hard man and whilst I hadn't come across his work before, on the evidence of this novel I certainly wish I had done so!

Linskey tells a cracking yarn and delivers a compelling narrative which thoroughly engaged me from start to finish, with a welcome social commentary and three lead characters who are all believably flawed.

They all search for answers to a murder buried in the past, while in the present-day an unstoppable killer must be brought to justice...

The book started well with Tom being booted out of his jammy office in London on suspension so heads back home whist on sabbatical.

With a boss that edits every word she writes and away from her Surrey home and boyfriend, what had seemed a dream first job isn't all that she envisaged.

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