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Demo More Info / Download This plugin installs Help On Click’s live chat widget on your Word Press website to allow real time chat with your website visitors.

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Demo Download This Word Press live chat plugin is specially made for community chats; however it can be integrated with other websites also for customer service live chats.

It is simple to use and has a number of options to choose from like colours, fonts, size etc. It helps in drawing more customers to your website as it is the fastest way to getting their problems solved.

The plugin is advertisement and link free and even when the live chat is switched off the messages are stored for you to view later.

Download This chat plugin is best suited for social networking and community sites.

The main focus of this article is live chat plugin which can be integrated on a Word Press website without much hassle.

These live chat Word Press plugins will appear on the website wherever you want them to show.

The interface is simple for both the visitor and the administrator.

You can drag the chat box anywhere on the page and change the colours of the chat box also.

Demo More Info / Download Free to download the WP live chat support is ideal for small businesses, you don’t have to pay any sort of monthly subscriptions to be in touch with your visitors or customers.


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