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Both pleaded guilty after police discovered videos showing their son being sexually abused by two American men: 35-year-old Jason Bettuo, a junior tennis coach from Michigan, and 38-year-old John Rex Powell, an attorney from Florida.

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There was an Australian in the group, an early member using the alias Red Rover. Logs from the chat room seen by Four Corners reveal Truong was an active member up until he acquired a child of his own, Adam, in 2005.

After this time, Truong maintained communication with an even more private group of men around the world, sharing and trafficking his son with a network of child sex abusers who called themselves Boy Lovers.

The network was called Tail of the Dragon and at the time it was discovered by authorities in 2011, it had about 20 core members located around the world including in the UK, Lebanon, the US and Mexico.

All had concealed their identities using multiple screen names and aliases.

Body markings, widely used in the World of Avatar, are applied for a variety of traditional uses.

While sometimes used for fashion, they mainly serve as a symbolic mark of identity and responsibility in battle or as a cultural icon.This uniform, which included facial paint, was designed to resemble the attire that Avatar Kyoshi wore during her life, and the face paint itself was meant strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.Combustionbenders, firebenders with the rare ability to shoot an explosive beam from their forehead, have the tattoo of a third eye on the spot where their attack is released.But Four Corners has revealed 36-year-old Peter Truong was linked to offenders around the world and was part of a much larger child exploitation conspiracy operating online and in secret for almost two decades.Truong and his American partner Mark Newton were arrested and charged in February 2012 over their involvement in a child exploitation conspiracy involving their then six-year-old son.The Yuyan Archers bear dark red tattoos that run as a strip across their eyes and narrow over the bridge of their nose.


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  2. In April 2014, Durov stated he had sold his stake in the company after "coming under increasing pressure" from federal law enforcement to hand over personal details of users who were members of a VK group dedicated to the Euromaidan protest movement.

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