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Both pleaded guilty after police discovered videos showing their son being sexually abused by two American men: 35-year-old Jason Bettuo, a junior tennis coach from Michigan, and 38-year-old John Rex Powell, an attorney from Florida.

In 2013 Newton was sentenced to 40 years for his role, while Truong received a 10-year reduction, serving 30 years as a result of his decision to cooperate with investigators.

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Although this tattoo marks the point of power, it also marks their weakness, as if so much as a pebble were to touch the spot, the bender's chi would be temporarily blocked, stunning their attacking powers.

Members of the Sun Warriors bore two red markings on their cheeks, foreheads, noses, and various other spots on their faces and continued to keep them on throughout several different occasions.

Unlike most master airbenders who gain their status later in life, Avatar Aang received his tattoos when he was only twelve, following his invention of the air scooter.

This made him the youngest known airbending master The earliest known ancestors of airbenders lived on top of the air lion turtle and had similar tattoos along their bodies, though the ends were similar to an upside down "T" with a dot beneath it, and they received them even as children.

All members of the tribe wore paint in this fashion, excluding the Sun Warrior chief.

The tribal chief instead bore red war paint from below the eye area, up into his face; this face paint was bordered by a level of white face paint.

Protected by walls of encryption and security software, members of the group assiduously worked to thwart law enforcement and evade detention, switching internet channels frequently, changing aliases and chat room names.

The group utilised peer-to-peer (P2P) networking and FTP transferring online to trade millions of images of boys being abused.

But Four Corners has revealed 36-year-old Peter Truong was linked to offenders around the world and was part of a much larger child exploitation conspiracy operating online and in secret for almost two decades.

Truong and his American partner Mark Newton were arrested and charged in February 2012 over their involvement in a child exploitation conspiracy involving their then six-year-old son.

Four Corners has exposed Truong's links to a much bigger online paedophile network discovered by authorities in the US.

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