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These symptoms can make you feel like a stranger in your own body — which affects your sexual self too, because when you don’t feel well in general, your interest in sex can dwindle as well.

Another option is to add soy to your diet or use a soy isoflavone supplement.

The phytoestrogens in soy promote ‘plumping’ of the tissues and vaginal lubrication in many women.

At the same time, sexual problems can show up in menopause that we’re not used to, such as a substantial change in our level of sexual desire, difficulty with arousal, or pain with intercourse.

Teasing out the various possible contributing factors — whether physical, psychosocial, or related to relationship — is an important first step toward correcting the problems and ensuring a satisfying sex life in menopause.

Some women say their symptoms make them feel “old and used up,” as if they’re losing their womanhood — in other words, not very sexy.

Getting your hormones back into balance can often bring about relief from menopausal symptoms, as well as restore the sexual desire you’re accustomed to.

Arginelle's unique formula for women includes L-Arginine — shown to enhance your sexual desire and promote your body's sexual response.

Safe, natural, doctor-formulated and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For most women, the situation is not permanent, but taking action can help keep your tissues in good shape and make sexual activity more comfortable.

If symptoms of vaginal dryness or vaginal thinning are relatively new or mild, we suggest using vitamin E vaginal suppositories twice weekly.

A woman’s sexual satisfaction in menopause is affected by a wide range of interdependent physical and emotional factors.

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