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In addition to Product of the Year awards including Lyd & Bilde (Norway), 6 (USA) and Haute Fidelité (France), many of the most critical professional listeners have been inspired to effusive praise, as in this evocative turn of phrase from Hi Fi Choice (UK): ”Sounds like God’s own stereo.” And there are many more: The original Diablo also found its way into the pages of the mainstream press, where the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) praised its “exceptional sound quality, even when driving speakers other amplifiers have found difficult to handle.” Fortunately, in designing the Diablo 300, the Gryphon crew had the luxury and privilege of being able to draw heavily on concepts, components and technological breakthroughs that emerged during the evolution of the much lauded Gryphon Pandora preamplifier and Mephisto power amplifier.The ultra-transparent, fully balanced volume attenuator topology fully exploits the two balanced inputs.

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"We didn't announce anything today [at Blizzcon 2016]; we're not ready to announce anything about that.

But we love the Diablo franchise as much as any of the other universes, and I'm sure at some point we'll see something like that." In a slightly odd interview with Diablo 2 lead developer, David Brevik says on the subject of a new Diablo game in the future: "Oh yeah, absolutely.

But we love the Diablo franchise as much as any of the other universes, and I’m sure at some point we’ll see something like that.” As you can see, Diablo games release very far apart, but expansions follow very quickly.

The last expansion came out in 2014, while Diablo 3 launched in 2012.

Unlike the vast majority of solid state volume controls that typically introduce dozens of resistors in the signal path, the Diablo 300 employs no more than two for any given level setting.

The extreme wideband frequency response of the Diablo 300 extends from 0.5 Hz to 350 k Hz and its prodigious 300 Watt (8 Ohms) power output capability represents a significant increase over the original Diablo.

We asked Gio Hunt, EVP of Corporate Operations at Blizzard, about the pre-Blizzcon hype for Diablo 4, and what sort of lifecycle he envisages for Diablo 3.

Here’s what he said: “We are very happy with the Diablo 3 universe, and we continue to produce a lot of free content for it.

Diablo 300 maintains a power reservoir capacity of 68,000 micro Farad and employs local active shunt regulators for superior noise suppression compared to the Zener diode regulated low-voltage supplies of the original Diablo.

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