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Hire Good Communicators Allison Winston is President and Co-Founder at Kickwheel, the mobile college fair.

Winston, who connected with her co-founder on Linked In, emphasized the importance of communication skills.

I jumped on the phone with 10 other app founders, technical and non-technical, to discuss everything from developing your idea to developing your code.

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The first version of your mobile app is your MVP (minimum viable product) or “alpha.” This includes only the most important features–the stuff users absolutely must have to use your app. You want a simple app that tests your assumptions about what users want and need.

“When you want to throw in the towel is usually when something unlocks.

Search online, talk to people who work in technical fields, and connect with local groups. And, sometimes there’s concern that a person might steal an idea. Start soft sounding your ideas directly with your prospective users. See one of my early 19 Minute Yoga “comment cards” here for reference and feel free to steal some of the standard questions.

We tell ourselves these stories to let us off the hook–to prevent us from executing. #Genius Steals Share your idea with friends, family, and most importantly, the people you want to help–your target market. When Bhasin surveyed her GLYD users, she learned that she was missing some key features, including messaging and following.

Research popular categories and bring a fresh spin to an existing audience.

You don’t have to invent something completely new; you can improve upon an existing idea.

You think people who came before you know everything, but there isn’t one right way to do it. 19 Minute Yoga was born when I realized that I couldn’t find a short, audio-first yoga app–anywhere!

If you make a misstep, it’s not a big deal.” – Whitney Linscott, CEO & Founder, Bracket Dating You can and should build an app. Monika Bhasin, Founder of GLYD, an app that connects travelers with locals, said her initial work was getting her idea validated and that went hand in hand with putting it on paper. Suzzane Hayen is CEO & Co-Founder of Let’s Be Chefs, an app that delivers weekly menus and recipes to helps users save time and eat better.

It takes time to find partners with the right skills and culture fit.

In addition to development skills, you’ll want to consider graphic design, copywriting, community building, customer service, marketing, PR, and more (start thinking about that marketing plan before your launch). You’ll start to identify the best partners and resources.

Download the apps mentioned here and follow the founders online to learn more about these leading entrepreneurs. Some of the best ideas come from a person creating a solution to her own problem.



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