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The US government regularly puts out security alerts about specific software via its Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT), but the warnings are often more open-ended, advising people to use anti-virus software or keep on top of updates.In Quick Time's case, Apple has been winding up its support for Windows for a long time — the video player wasn't supported by either Windows 8 or 10, although some users hit upon a workaround.

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First of them is just trashing the component file from the /Library/Quick Time folder.

This is really straight forward but has an inconvenient as if codec is required again you should have to download, unzip and copy the component file just trashed.

Quick Time will show you a specific error message when trying to open a video or audio file containing unsupported media: For other error messages, please check this list of Quick Time Errors.

In case the codec bundle comes with an installer just run the installation assistant and, if requested, reboot your computer.

Most of the sound related issues are brought about by missing codecs that do not come with Quick Time.

To play an AVI file a media player must have all the needed codecs. Case: I am trying to play an AVI file, the video plays well, but the sound doesn’t come out.

To enable legacy codecs for Quick Time 7.x on Windows Vista: The procedures in this document are based on the default interface of Windows Vista.

If the interface is customized, some procedures might vary.

For example, a commonly encountered difference is the navigation to Control Panel from the Start menu: You might navigate Start The Apple Quick Time 7.4 update added an "Enable encoding using legacy codecs" option to Quick Time preferences.

If this preference is not enabled, then some codecs will not be available when you encode Quick Time output.

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