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This phrase originates in Buggery Act 1533, with words "crime against nature" substituted for "vice of buggery" in the original, and it was present in one of these forms in criminal codes of most U. One of the most recent, and one of the rare successful challenges, is the 1971 Florida case of Franklin v. On the other hand, just 7 years prior, a similar challenge (Perkins v. (In Perkins, the Court wrote that, if this were a new statute, it would have been "obviously unconstitutional for vagueness", but, since this was a statute whose history was traceable back to the reign of Henry VIII, it accumulated a number of judicial interpretations, and, backed with these interpretations, it was not unconstitutionally vague.) Penalties for this offense varied greatly over time and between jurisdictions. Liberalization of sexual morals led to reduction of penalties or decriminalization of the offense during the second half of the 20th century, so that, by 2003, it was no longer a punishable offense in 36 out of 50 U. states, and was only punishable by a fine in some of the remaining 14.

Crime against nature remained punishable by death or life imprisonment both in the UK and in many U. (See Sodomy laws in the United States for details.) Currently, the term crime against nature is still used in the statutes of the following American states.

Cathy Ruse is Senior Fellow for Legal Studies at Family Research Council.

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Over time, particularly starting in the early 20th century, some jurisdictions started enacting statutes or developing precedents the extended the scope of the crime to include fellatio and, sometimes, other sexual activities.

The term crime against nature is closely related to, and was often used interchangeably with, the term sodomy. Sometimes the two terms were understood to be synonymous; sometimes sodomy was limited to sexual activities between two humans;) Until the early 19th century, courts were divided on whether the act needed to be completed (to result in ejaculation) in order to be a punishable offense.

However, these laws are unconstitutional to enforce for sexual conduct between consenting adults in light of Lawrence v. The crime against nature statutes are however still used to criminalize sexual conduct involving minors, incest, public sex, prostitution and bestiality.

Except for the above nine states, all other states in the United States have repealed their "crimes against nature" laws. Texas, the US Supreme Court held that nonremunerative sex between consenting adults in private was protected by the Constitution and could not be criminalized under "crimes against nature" laws.

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