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There is very little research that compares the use of CAM in elders by ethnicity in rural settings.

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Differences on ethnicity and demographic variables were significant for age, education, and the use of glucosamine.

Health care providers must be aware that elders are using CAM and are satisfied with their use.

However, there is very little research that describes CAM use in minority older adults.

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare older African Americans (AA) and Caucasian Americans (CA) over the age of 50 on 1) use of CAM and 2) self-reported overall satisfaction with CAM being used.

In reviewing the literature, research studies have not reported on CAM use among rural residents, older adults in culturally diverse groups.

In rural settings, limited access to medical care often leads to late diagnosis, postponement of treatment, and greater impairments [].

The assumption that conventional medical practice is the choice for all races is incorrect. citizens to other cultures and cultural healing methods, as well as documented effectiveness of CAM used in different cultures, has spawned interest in CAM in this country.

CAM health care practices in the United States have broadened due to an influx of cultures, values, and beliefs []. There is little research addressing CAM modalities with origins in racial healing practices and folklore.

With the increase in the older population and the number of persons who are choosing CAM, there has been a demand for research to examine the feasibility, benefits, clinical usefulness and development of CAM interventions in older adults.


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