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Do you know why you like better to date a woman rather than a man? They can be married with a man trying to live a “normal” life, sometimes they want to have children, but most likely they will return to their natural inclinations, be a lesbian. Questions may arise as “Why am I born this way”, “Why am I attracted to women instead of men? Sometimes the smell of a woman can attract a lesbian.

In general, lesbians prefer an affair with a woman rather than a man. Lesbians are like men Indeed, as men, lesbians are attracted to beautiful women and are likely to be seduced.

I also think that she’s trying her best to return any favour that I’ve asked for. Of course, my mind is battling against my feelings. We share the same NBSB status, we are both religious, conservative, and also share other life ideologies.

My intellect says the reason why I am like this is because she’s the only person I can cling to after my family. I did not have this sort of confusion before but I am now wondering if I have a lesbian orientation.

My friend and I went to the same university and took the same degree course.

During our college years, I developed this likeness of her being around me because I was attracted to her simplicity and humour. After we graduated my interest and our friendship got deeper.

Yet the heart of a lesbian is unique because it can beat for a woman. Or perhaps you’ll discover and recognize that somewhere deep inside you, there was just a lesbian who didn’t not know.

A woman who has a relationship with another woman is lucky because she knows what a woman wants. Then you might find what true love is and you will assume yourself as lesbian.

I used to visit her most of the time since we live in the same village.

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