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With that in mind, please enjoy the infamous Sex in Georgia blog post. 2010 ***************************************************** Georgia has decided to import 10,000 english teachers in the coming years to teach English to every Georgian student. Let’s just say that with this demographic, one can reasonably expect sex and dating to be on people’s minds.

Most of these 10,000 teachers are in their twenties. At orientation, the TLG staff gave us a bunch of info about dating and gender relations in Georgia.

The purpose of presenting two different accounts of Georgian culture in this entry is to draw a contrast between what TLG told us to expect and what I am experiencing myself as a resident of Tbilisi.

I am well aware – as is clear from this entry – that not every Georgian marches in lock step, that TLG exaggerated some things, that there is a generation gap, that cities are different than villages, and that you personally probably have numerous anecdotes that run counter to the generalizations presented here.

Most of us understand that the Georgians take the whole sex/marriage thing seriously enough that we’re better off just not messing with it at all, which means that for many of us, unless we want to be celibate for our entire stay in Georgia, our only options are the women who came into the country with us.

Now, it’s a little different for those of us who live in Tbilisi.

So if I were so inclined, I could easily hang out at international bars and try to pick up women without risking the wrath of someone’s patroni.

But the people who live in the more rural areas obviously have it harder.

According to the Georgians that I have spoken to since, pre- and extra-marital sex does happen.

Although no Georgian I have met will admit to actually having extramarital sex, I am told that 70% of Georgian men cheat on their wives, and to many this is considered normal.

If a man and a woman are seen alone together in public it is presumed that they are on the road to marriage.


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