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Talk to him about the long term, and let him realize that the relationship would only go downhill if both of you don’t make the effort. And even if he resists when the time comes, or complains that he’s too tired, remind him that he’s made a promise and he has to keep it. When you have the time, try to get to know the things he likes and see if you can ever appreciate or enjoy his interests. If his habits are something you aren’t ready to accept, you need to realize that this behavior of his could put an end to an otherwise perfect relationship.[Read: 25 things you can do to make your boyfriend feel appreciated and cared for effortlessly] #5 If you can’t beat him, join him! By showing interest in the things he likes, he may warm up to you and get more active, and in return, he may even want to do something you like together. The big test of compatibility Sometimes, you just don’t have a choice. [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend] Is the laziness bothering you or is it something else?[Read: 15 sweet ways to make your guy feel needed and wanted] At first, he may try. But when you place the straw that breaks his back by constantly picking flaws no matter how hard he tries to show you he’s fun, he may just turn into an ass that would rather be stubborn and lazy, than try to do something he knows won’t live up to your expectations.

If you tell your friends about this, in all probability, every guy would tell you you’re asking for too much and many of your girlfriends would tell you that all guys change for the worse with time, and that some guys get lazier and many guys get boring and predictable.

So should you just clam up and swallow your annoyance each time you see him sleeping on the couch, or cancelling another date night to play games, while you’re trying to do something with him?

Not because they want to, but because they forget that they still need to woo and impress their girl. ] Before going any further, you need to clear the confusions in your mind and ask yourself just how boring or lazy your boyfriend really is.

Is he like the boring boyfriend who has suddenly stopped pleasing you or showing interest in you, or is he like the lazy husband who doesn’t do chores around the house?

A relationship is all about balance in love and trust, balance in changes both of you make for each other, and a healthy balance in things you’re willing to compromise for each other and things you won’t.

[Read: 25 qualities and habits that make a great boyfriend] When the balance in your relationship starts tilting towards the bad side, you’re obviously going to find everything about your partner annoying.

A lazy husband is a completely different story because we’d have to talk more about household chores, taking care of kids, and a whole load of other things that are on the side of being lazy and defeated. Do you criticize him often even when he tries to do as you suggest?

So for now, let’s try to figure out when your fun boyfriend started to turn into a boring and lazy lump. You may not realize it yourself, but more often than not, a girl can at times make her boyfriend feel lazy and inadequate because she makes him feel like he’s never good enough for her.

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It not only asks you questions about your personality, likes, and dislikes (“Do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved?

At the beginning of the relationship, your boyfriend probably went out of his way to be nice to you. The months and years pass by, and now, is lazy the first word you think of when you have to define your boyfriend?


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