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Whether you are looking for love or simply a fitness partner, we are the Golf Dating site for you.Register now for FREE to search through our database of thousands of Golf Personals by zip code, fitness category, keywords or recent activity.

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Which group of people is leading the way in online dating?

Continue reading We all want to make a good first impression.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking this can’t happen to me. Continue reading Online dating can be a great way to meet new and interesting people.

Don’t forget there are bad people in bars and there are bad people using online dating. Unfortunately, there are some very bad people who prey on people who use online dating and who are desperately looking for a relationship. The group of people benefiting most from online dating probably has nothing in common with recently turned golf professional Michelle Wie – other then their shared love of golf.

The study found that the number of single people over fifty using online dating services is on the rise.

Just over 75% of the single people who responded to the survey said they were serious about finding a long-term relationship.

Follow these tips to help your first date go smoothly and hopefully help you score a second one.

Be selective in the personal details you share with your date.

There are many different things you have to concentrate on but most importantly, you should “just relax and hit the ball.” Golfers, despite overwhelming frustration they may experience when they first take up the game, commit themselves to learning the game and improving their skills. Golfers are a patient group and often commit to years of practice with the objective of taking just a couple of strokes off their game. Like golf, with online dating there are a number of things you have to “learn” before you can really see the success and benefits of the service. If we want to understand why golfers have been successful at establishing singles groups or tournaments, we should step back and look at the game of golf itself. Continue reading On the surface, online dating and Google Adwords appear to have very little in common.


  1. The i OS version of Bundle won me over right away with its 1Password integration at the login screen.

  2. But the best part of the night was right before I went to bed he was staying on the couch: He asked me if I should change my pad.

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