Arab and black dating

I had been falsely told, that if I was “a good Christian girl” I would meet my sweet, perfect Christian husband.Clearly, my naïve millennial mindset and conservative upbringing didn’t prepare me for the various shades of grey, I would encounter in the real world.I longed for true love but was deathly afraid of rejection.

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I hopped on the plane to Jordan and never looked back.

The incredibly kind and attractive man sitting across from me one month later, was nothing like the prejudiced biased portrayals of Arab men, I saw in American media.

I wouldn't say that i love her (too strong a word) but i like her very much and want to move things forward, but she's arabic (from egypt) and i'm not sure how her family etc.

will react to her dating a black guy (i'm assuming she reciprocates).

I got back in touch with a girl who went to my secondary school, we weren't best friends or anything but we built up a decent repartee but there was no real contact outside of school.

We are going to different sixth forms, which happen to be pretty close (lucky).

Dating, courtship and love I soon learned, could be a painfully messy, heart wrenching affair.

No matter how grueling the growth process seemed, I was determined to keep an open heart and mind.

Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone I would have allowed the fears of others, to shape my narrative.

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