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This is a major tourist trap and anywhere that the tourist dollars go there will be escorts around.The main reason it isn’t great for mongering is because they want to keep the ‘clean’ and ‘safe’ image as much as possible.Met one girl at a hotel bar while I was trying to get out of a convo with 2 ugly ones from Mozambique. She texted me the next day about how some guy took her shopping and bought her clothes. Its cheap and available but the quality is terrible and risk of aids is high.

She communicated very nicely, updated as to arrival time, was on time as planned. She encouraged a reverse massage where she invited me to massage her. I have found Africa to have some interesting bargain basement rates.

A beautiful young early 20's dark skinned lady arrived. More of Coco massaging me with experienced hands that edged me nicely to climax. The problem is I am not sure as to the safety and quality of the area and the ladies.

Tinder had some prospects with college girls, but they were in exam mode so not looking to party. Most girls were ugly, but a couple gems although wouldn't do anything for any amount of cash. 1 hour massage with naked body rub and HJ for 800 rand. Didn't spend much time in the city, but was up in Sandton area.

So many WG at Mandela Square at night you will have to fight them off.

Only 1 out of maybe 20 was even close to attractive but she was asking me to do drugs with her.

Hard Rock cafe had like 10 girls at the bar all obviously ready to work but soooo ugly. All in all I'd say SA is bad place to monger compared to Europe or Latin America just in quality of women.

Sure, he could try to rob you and maybe succeed and maybe get more money, or he could take the guaranteed easy money. If you wanted to read about more good beaches around the country click here.

This is the easiest way to find girls for sex in Acapulco.

The first is that this is not a safe city so be careful.


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