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The assumption is that the student must have a consistently high level of attendance for learning to take place.The Bethlehem Area School District has developed a set of procedures to be followed at the elementary schools.

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Each time a child is absent from school the parents must send in a written excuse explaining why the child was absent.

The absence must be for a legal reason such as illness, quarantine, recovery from accident, court attendance, death in the family and approved family educational trips.

Absences are generally recognized as cumulative or non-cumulative.

Cumulative absences refer to days that contribute to the allotted number of days a student may be absent, which is ten for elementary.

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All arrivals by bus are through the front main door.Continued attendance violations may result in the student being classified as a habitual offender as defined in the Student Code of Conduct which may result in expulsion from the Bethlehem Area School District.Three unlawful absences will result in written notice of violation of the Compulsory Attendance Law and may result in prosecution pursuant to Section 1333 of the Pennsylvania School Code.Parents are encouraged to participate in the PTA Student Directory which provides student addresses.Neither the school office nor the classroom teacher may provide student addresses.For your child’s safety, please do not arrive before AM.


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