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Heaving for breath, and face covered with sperm and tears, I could tell she was pleased with her ability to rise to the challenge. We'll have to work on her deep throating skills, but she's got the desire." With excitement, Bri said, "Oh yes, we'll work hard on that baby. " Kristi still appeared enraptured by Derrick's cock and didn't seem to realize she was being spoken to.She had never looked so sexy to me as she scooped the cum that had pooled onto Derrick and began to shove it into her mouth like a starving fat kid might do with cake. She said she slurps down Joe's all the time." Again, I wondered how much she knew about our sex life. Derrick was breathing heavily himself and trying to recover from the event. Her posture spoke volumes though, as she rose up on her knees and began rubbing her pussy vigorously.Eventually, suckling Bri's much larger orbs as they dangled tantalizingly near her mouth.

It was much better and more real than the selfie from earlier.

For the first time tonight, Derrick was just as caught up as me.

I whimpered a little myself, when Bri began to lick Derrick's cum from Kristi's face before pushing it deep into her mouth.

That made Kristi moan louder and their kissing continued for several minutes unabated as they savored his potent sperm.

10% of battery remaining." "Oh fuck," I exclaimed as I dropped my cock and scrambled for the charging cable.

Fortunately, I had already setup all my charging devices and it was within easy reach.

Chapter Four - Wife Has to Have It I knew where Derrick would go next before the words came out of his mouth, but my breath still caught in my throat when he said, "Right now, let's see how stretched out our friend Joe has her pussy." Kristi, whose gaze still had never left his cock, gasped before saying, "Nowhere close to stretched out enough for that." It was not a statement of derision. There was no way I had ever stretched her that far. I know he wants to see it." After the final sentence, she blew a kiss toward the camera phone.

It struck me how odd it was to see Kristi so submissively taking direction from Bri, but it was like she had seriously taken on the student role to this more experienced teacher. I had embraced my voyeur role and was no longer reflecting on how depraved this entire scene was.

The problem was that I was shaking like an idiot and nearly dropped the phone two or three times before finally hitting the charging port with the cable end.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the phone indicate it was charging, and focused back on the screen as Derrick began to speak.

As they finally broke the long, sensual kiss, my heart skipped a beat as Bri positioned herself over my wife and began an obvious move into the sixty-nine position. Moving her mouth slowly down Kristi's body, she stopped and spent long seconds sucking and biting on Kristi's engorged nipples. Bri's rough attention seemed to drive my wife absolutely crazy.

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