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Registration for the Symposium will open in mid to late February 2018.The host hotel for the Symposium will again the Hampton inn and Suites by Hilton.

Additionally, sponsorship packets are also available and more information on the 2018 Symposium as it becomes available will be published on that page.

As we move through December and the holidays it is time to get ready for the 2018 10th Annual Trans Ohio Transgender and Ally Symposium.

Name and Gender Change Guide (Adults) (December 2017) – for website Harper’s Magazine published an article in it’s February edition examining healthcare access for transgender and GNC/GNB community in Ohio which features extensive interviews with community members, medical staff, Equitas Health, NCTE and Trans Ohio. Information regarding the 2018 Trans Ohio Transgender and Ally Symposium is now open as a page devoted to the same is now available on our website.

Click on the link above to the 2018 Symposium and there you will find current information including forms for for submission of topics and workshop proposals all of which is due by February 23, 2018.

Mentor Headlands State Park — This is a 40-minute car ride from the city, but the expansive beaches make it totally worth it. Email ggllfcc [at] gmail [dot] com This is just a taste of what Cleveland has to offer.

Gay People’s Chronicle Glorious Gay Ladies Local Food Cooking Club — Do you like gay ladies? If you’re looking to leave no rock unturned, definitely check out New to Cleveland by Justin Glanville.

The guide for assisting community members with legal transition in Ohio on state and federal documents is now available on the new page on our site.

A copy of the document which helps explain the process is also attached below.

Edgewater Park (1200 West 76th St.) — It’s a beach! It’s nestled between two gayborhoods and Lake Erie, you can see downtown, bring your dog and have a cookout! Lakeview Cemetery (12316 Euclid Avenue, Little Italy) — Presidents are buried here!


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