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It was like a traffic accident, What is going on with this guy? So I didn’t really learn how great they were until I started recording them, and really understanding them. I recorded 50 bands a year and The Strokes were just another band that came into my studio.indieberlin: Did you envisage The Strokes becoming so big? I actually felt sorry for them, because don’t they know that nobody in New York is interested in guitar music? When they came to my studio, there was this article in the NY Times, about the death of Rock & Roll.

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Having been living in Berlin for 11 years, and producing great acts such as The Strokes and Regina Spektor, US producer/musician Gordon Raphael found some time in his busy schedule giving classes at British & Irish Modern Music Institute in Berlin (BIMM) to answer a few questions for indieberlin.

indieberlin: Reading an interview with you online, you said that you didn’t really like The Strokes before you produced their album.

indieberlin: What album are you most proud of from all the artists you’ve worked with? However I will say that working on Regina Spektor’s album ‘Soviet Kitsch’ was a mind-bending miracle of a record. It was already pressed, the journalists and the record labels in the US and UK were in my studio while we were making it. But I would have to say about eccentricity, the most interesting and the most common ones for me are the dedication, eccentrically dedicated to the music.

It was so exciting to be part of something that was already guaranteed to be blowing up at that moment, was a great experience. indieberlin: Any eccentric habits of the bands you’ve produced? I mean obsessing over details, and incredible abilities of hearing.

I have met Regina Spektor and Julian Casablancas, the way they hear music, and the way that they practice music, the way they think about it, I would say is eccentric, completely like crazy.

And the details, and the dedication and the time it takes to work on those songs.

Argentina is a very interesting culture because unlike Europe and the US, they did not abandon rock and roll music, they did not turn their backs on it. So guitar music is an important part of their culture.

So me being into rock music, I get respect working there, which wasn’t happening in Europe or in the US. Now the reason why guitar music is so important there, is that had a series of very bad governments, dictatorships and very hard times.

Release Date: 07 July 2008 Record Label: Rough Trade Tracklisting: 01.

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