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Mayor Eric Garcetti shrugged off a question about the uncertainty.“Los Angeles is resilient,” said the youthful-looking mayor, who will be granddad age, chasing 60, by the time of the Games.“If the entire earth falls apart, probably the Olympics aren't happening in Los Angeles.But short of that, we are going to have a great Games here in LA,” the mayor told reporters.Over the years Olympics have been notorious for cost overruns, and studies have questioned if host cities benefit economically.

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The engineers estimated that the Owens River, which ran through this region, could provide more than enough water to meet the needs of a growing Los Angeles.

The farmers, ranchers and other residents living in Owens Valley had plans of their own for the river’s precious contents, and were seeking federal funding from the Bureau of Reclamation for a public irrigation project in the region.

As the city grew, however, it became clear that this supply of water would be insufficient if Los Angeles were to become a major American metropolis, as city boosters wanted.

In the early 20th century, efforts to channel water from the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada to the city and the surrounding region culminated in the building of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, completed in 1913.

Additionally, the delay comes with financial sweeteners that, among other things, will pump millions of dollars into youth sports.

But time rushes on, and major changes are bound to happen.

In 1902, the municipal government bought the franchise, retaining the City Water Company’s superintendent, William Mulholland, as head of the new Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Mulholland, a self-trained engineer born in Ireland, had begun his career as a ditch-cleaner for the water company and risen to become its superintendent at the age of 31.

Additionally, financial sweeteners will help cover costs over the longer wait time.


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